Without biodiversity,
there is no future.

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The Paradise Foundation Del Carmen is a foundation for biodiversity conservation.

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Sphere of activity of Paradise Foundation Del Carmen - Siargao Island.

The operational base is located in Del Carmen, a community consisting of 20 barangays. Del Carmen is one of 9 (8) communities on Siargao (Siargao Island), an area (an island) in the southeast of the Philippines, which belongs to the Philippine province of Surigao del Norte.

The island of Siargao (8 municipalities) is grouped with the Bucas Grande island (1 community) and other smaller islands to the nature reserve (SIPLAS) "Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape".

Siargao is a small Paradise. The preservation of this Paradise has become the mission of Paradise Foundation Del Carmen. The protection of the mangrove belt plays a major role. Del Carmen is a "Mangrove Paradise" which has been spared from tourism.

As our slogan already suggests, the activities of the Paradise Foundation is aligned to promote biodiversity and to conserve.
Of course, by the Foundation also humanitarian tasks are performed. This includes particularly the youth. For more information about the objectives and organizational structure of the Paradise Foundation, please refer to the menu item "About us".

Only if it succeeds on Siargao tourism narrow down to an ecologically acceptable level, we will be able to preserve this paradise.