Without biodiversity,
there is no future.

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This website is still under construction.

The organization is currently under construction. The official registration as a charitable organization is planned for late 2013. Until then, it is a private organization which cooperates with the local authorities.

The main activities are currently:
An aviary for birds of prey protection, with an area of 80m² and a volume of 460m³. The construction costs amounted to (including land costs) 500,000 PHP. The ongoing monthly cost for the maintenance of the 5 birds of prey currently amount to 6,000 php.

Another project is concerned with the breeding of Asian water buffalo (carabao). The stock of 10 animals currently has a value of approximately 260,000 PHP. The aim is to preserve the original breed. The caretaker is involved with 50% of the value of the calves. After separation of the calf from the mother, the value of the calf is determined and paid in equal shares to the caretaker. More care costs are incurred only in males, unless they are used as work animals. Through the year-round pasturing there are no feed costs.

For 2015, the establishment of a beekeeping is planned. The aim is to create environmentally sustainable jobs. The profit generated from this used at a later date to fund further conservation projects.

For the beginning there are on the website in the gallery already a lot of photos. The rest of the website will be added step by step.